You may or may not be aware that from June of this year it will be mandatory to carry in your car a breath tester. I bet these will cost a lot from UK sources esp if you leave it until you get to the ferry port. I’m given to understand, I’m looking for information to confirm this, that there’s no fine for failing to carry one until November, so the best bet may be to travel without one and grab one at the first service station once in France. But don’t take my word for it!

I also ponder that, as with spare bulbs, you probably need to carry two, otherwise, if you use one, you are immediately in breach of the rules for not having one (any more).

I hope everyone is already aware of the rules requiring you to carry a HiVis vest for each person in the car, which should be readily accessible so you can get it BEFORE you get out of the car, in the event of a breakdown or crash.  Again, these can be quite expensive from the port shop – I get mine from Mammoth, basic vests (sufficient for the regulation) are under a fiver, or if you prefer, nice quilted hi-vis bomber jackets around twenty. Check the link…

Mini-rant, I think we should have compulsory hi-vis in this country too. And for cyclists. Last night I saw a walker in the road 50 yards away, and a few minutes nearly hit a cyclist who had no lights, and no hi-vis, his bright orange but not reflective pullover was no better than a dark coat, and only the hit of a flicker from his pedal reflectors meant I saw him before “emergency braking” would have been required. Last year, I had a similar incident with a dog walker, dark coat, gloves, black dog – the dog had a hi-vis collar, otherwise they might as well have been invisible.

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