Spring 2014

As of the end of April 2014, we finally have the new roof on Gite 1. Gite 2’s roof was done a couple of years ago. So that should, touch wood, mean both are good for another 150 years of keeping the rain out!

We’re also making some minor tweaks around the property, those who have been before may notice the differences but nothing affects the overall situation, so the layout plans of the gites, etc., all stay the same.

One difference you may appreciate is that we have had TV aerials put up – we will be adding set top boxes, so both gites should now be able to receive UK and French TV channels.

After an unexpectedly mild winter, the pool had decided to emulate a duck pond, and it was something of a nightmare to get it clean and “happy” and looking like somewhere you might actually want to swim, but we managed it!

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