Summer 2013 news

Roads into Sauxillanges from the direction of Issiore are undergoing some works, widening some sections and smoothing out a few of the tighter bends. This work isn’t causing significant delays (touch wood) but does involve Single Alternate Lane traffic at times so allow an extra couple of minutes if you’re rushing to meet a train/plain/curtain-up.

I suspect this work is not unrelated to the new supermarket being built in Sauxillanges. This is going up on the Issoire side of town. It’s a larger “8-a-huit” and will have a 24/24 petrol pump. The supermarket in town will close (all the staff have jobs at the new one!) This should reduce the traffic congestion caused by parking in the narrowest part of town – hopefully it won’t impact the bakers, butchers, and bars, as the french typically like to use individual shops for those products anyway!! Work is well under way on this though I can’t guess when it will be completed. Until it is, the existing store remains open.

Remember, despite the name, it shuts at 7, and for lunch. And monday mornings. It is open on Sunday morning, however, I can’t guess if that will remain the case for the new shop.

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