The region is fantastic for motorcycling. Look – even the motorway is a twisty, check out the A75 from Jct 14 up to Jct 8.

An early warning – on the lanes around the Livradois, no-one drives on the right. Everyone drives up the middle, until they see someone coming the other way. If you do this, PLEASE take extra steps to remember which way to duck!

In the immediate area of La Verrerie. most of the roads follow either the river up the bottom of a valley, which is very windy with a rock on one side, and a drop on the other, or they follow the ridge line, which is a still windy but usually has a field on one side and a slope on the other. Or a drop on both sides.

There are fantastic rides out in just about any direction with a huge variety of roads passing through a huge variety of scenery. Feel free to drop us an email if you want any suggestions.

The Circuit d’Issoire which is adjacent to the nearest motorway junction, about 20 mins drive down the mountain, is available for hire, though at the price you will want to share it with quite a few mates. Here’s a great aerial view of the track.

There is plenty of room for bike parking at La Verrerie, indeed, the driveway in the back garden, despite having a double gate, is not really useable by cars as the lane is too narrow for cars to get in the gate, you can get half a dozen bikes there easily. We just ask those of you with oil leaks to put something down to catch the drips! There is even room for three or four bikes in the workshop – though please don’t block access to the washing machine!

We have a very limited supply of general fettling tools that can be borrowed on request – if this looks like being popular we could expand the range. But hey, if you can’t fix it with a hammer and a mole grip…