Motorway toll “Tags” now available to brits.

You’ve all seen it – you’re queueing up to pay at the peagé and some smug bloke like me just swishes up the left lane and goes through the autmatic orange barrier and disappears into the future.  Coz I have a “Liber-T” tag, which tots up my journeys and sends me a bill every 2 months.

Well I have had one for ages but I have a french bank account, from which it direct debits. But now SANEF, the motorway company for the Calais to Paris area of France, is offering tags to UK customers paying in sterling from their UK bank accounts.

There’s an extensive news story here on the excellent This French Life site.

It’s a little expensive compared to buying in Euros in France, but compared to the cost of opening and running a French bank account if you don’t have one or otherwise need one, it’s a good deal. (The extra expense is in the form of a setup fee, which I didn’t have to pay. The monthly fee is about the same at just under a pound, and the per-journey fee is defined by the motorway tolls, though of course as ever you’re at the mercy of whatever exchange rate they choose to use.)


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